MOOdalBox 1.3 is now cooking (Beta 2 is here)

Release 1.3 is now in Beta (1.3b2) :)

You may have a sneak peek on my MOOdalBox playgound page.

NEW: discuss MOOdalBox on the forums. Get support from others using it.

Lots of new features:

  • Size can be specified using px, % or both (e.g. rel="moodalbox 50% 500px"). If you only specify one dimension, it defaults to both width and height (just like CSS properties).
  • Fullscreen switch (should actually be “full-viewport switch”, but fullscreen sounds better :)): just add the fullscreen keyword to your rel property and MOOdalBox covers most of your viewport.
  • Most options can now be changed on the fly, via JS (e.g. MOOdalBox.config ({resizeDuration: 800, animateCaption: false});).
  • It now supports forms as well (can submit to a MOOdalBox – same syntax for the rel property).
  • You can rescan portions of your DOM for new links / forms (e.g. content added using AJAX) and even force them to open inside a MOOdalBox (e.g. MOOdalBox.scanAnchors('someIdToScanInside', boolForceInsideMOOdalBox);).
  • And last, but not least – Wizard mode: by adding the wizard keyword to your rel property, all links / forms from content loaded inside the MOOdalBox are now forced to open inside the same MOOdalBox. If no rel property is specified on those links, defaults are used (MOOdalBox stays at the same size it was originally opened), but you may also use the same syntax to force a resize, for example. Use it for multiple step forms, help systems or.. whatever else you might think of :)

Please note that this is a BETA release and shouldn’t be used in a production environment. The final 1.3 version will have some more features added (such as a local timeout check, more form options, vertical sizing / centering – including the caption, callbacks on complete, etc.), optimized code (for now, it’s pretty rough, but it does the job) and will hopefully be bug-free (still have to test this release – since it’s 6:15 AM right here and I have to get to work at 9:00 AM.. some bugs might have slipped in).

Test it, break it, enjoy it, wait for the next stable release :)

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